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Let me explain what my market timing and investing website can do for you in these times of extreme volatility:

  • We were out of the Japanese market on Friday 3-11-2011 based on the closing price of the Japanese market. So we actually sold intraday in the US. The EWJ (Nikkei 225 ETF) was down 7.12% 30 minutes from the close. Although I can not always promise that it will work this well, I can say that you also would have been out before the 1987 crash too. This is not a one shot wonder. It is a method of remaining conscious about all the major markets.

  • I will share my market timing secrets with you that I've used for years to both PRESERVE and BUILD wealth across 35 different markets including the SP500 Index, tech, biotech, oil, the miners, commodities (including the gold ETF, GLD), bonds, and foreign markets as well. You need to know what your entire portfolio is doing, not just one index.

    • You will learn how to both BUY and SELL.  Why just "sit there" and take massive losses along with most other investors during steep downturns.  And why listen to "perma-Bears" who seem to tell you to "run for your life" and never tell you when the water is safe again.  You will never make money by living in fear.

  • Investors and market timers alike are excited about gold these days.  Who will sell when gold is finally overvalued?  I will, because I got my readers into gold on the breakout above $328 years ago based on a market timing signal.  Gold is now near an all time high of around $1420/troy ounce.

  • The "Gold Rush" will not last forever, although it could last a long time.  Who will tell you when gold is broken on the charts and warn you that the party may be finally over?  I will when I issue a sell signal.

  • You will learn along side me how to use market timing information and combine it with fundamental information on the markets.

  • I will share many current investment ideas with you at no charge.

  • Some of these are shared on the "public" part of the site while others are shared with you if you simply sign up for my FREE newsletter.

  • You are able to see what I have to offer risk-free to you. 

  • And given the state of the market, you may decide to subscribe to a FREE trial of my paid newsletter which gives you DAILY reports on 35 different markets many of which offer great investment opportunities, while others may deliver huge losses soon if you are not "aware" that the markets are weak.

  • You'll know when I recommend buying and when I recommend selling.  You must be able to do BOTH or you will miss out on great opportunities and/or take great losses.

  • Sun and Storm Investors are not Bulls OR Bears.  We are interested in making money when the markets are moving up and protecting our capital or even making money when the markets are going down.

    • I'll show you how.

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Who am I?

I'm David B. Durand, M.D., a physician who has come up with a way to both make money and preserve capital.

I diagnose the markets as sick or healthy, and believe me, you'll want to be in the healthy markets and stay away from the sick ones. You can learn right at my side what it took me 28 years to learn.

Think of the years of mistakes that I made out of inexperience that you now do not have to make. Not only do you need to avoid making mistakes, but you also need to know how to recover from your mistakes. I'll teach you how to do both.

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