Resources That Complement My Website

Standard Disclaimer: Although these things sometimes seem obvious we are obligated to state them, so here it is as you've heard it before on many other sites: Although I will make every attempt to find quality websites for this list, which will grow over the coming months, you need to do your own investigation of them and form your own opinion. Be sure to do your own due diligence and assessment of the risks involved. By clicking on the links on this page, you take 100% responsibility for your decisions and actions based on the linked material. Assume that I will make money if you buy from the companies listed below. The products I use/have used personally are listed at the top. If I did not share those with you, I'd be keeping my secrets from you. I want you to be successful!

Finally, I turn down almost all websites that approach me. Those listed are worth looking at if you are interested in the topic.

My "Tool Chest"

These are the resources I use personally. I will be adding to them over time, so please check back.

This is the stock charting software I use every single market day:

Market Timing Resources that May Interest You:

Futures Trading Coach For More Info See the video

"Learn to trade the Emini S&P in our FREE trading room"

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