Fear and Greed Are the Great Destroyers of Capital: The Process I Use Before Making Every Trade or Investment

Athletes know about fear and greed, so why don't investors and traders?  Actually, one avid baseball player, Warren Buffett was born with great wiring that simply bypasses these emotions in making investing decisions.  He waits for his pitch as he likes to say and swings calmly watching the ball go over the fence again and again. He is beyond these two key emotions. You can get there even if you were not born there! I've been able to prove this out myself, and you can too. Read on.

Fear and greed are the two emotions that are most destructive of capital in investing and trading.  Why? Fear energizes scenarios that you really do not want to happen.  If your mind focuses on what you fear, you allow it to be created in your experience, more or less, depending on how strong the fear is.  If you are in traffic and you are suddenly gripped by an overwhelming fear of having an accident, do you think your chances of that happening could increase?  You bet they will! You can prove this is the case by paying attention to how your thoughts and your experience are directly connected. Many times we forget what thoughts led to our current circumstances simply because the original creative thoughts are remote in time.

The same goes with investing.  Warren Buffett's good nature and success as an investor is a reflection of the fact that when he makes a decision, it is not contaminated with either fear or greed. In fact, he's giving almost all of his money back to the planet and is encouraging others to do the same.

Whether you agree with his generosity or not, greed represents an attachment to something and reflects a consciousness of lack.  Why would you have a feeling of greed if you HAD the thing you were sorely wanting to possess?  If you do not feel you HAVE something, you must then logically feel you LACK it. And what you put into your consciousness comes into creation, so if you stick a sense of lack in your mind, you find you end up with LACK in your experience!  In the same way, if you stick a fear in your mind or leave it there, you manifest that which you fear.

To repeat, fear is an aversion to something you really don't want, such as a loss of money.  But just like feelings of attachment, fear focuses the mind on whatever it is afraid of, which in the case of fearful trading and investing is on the loss of money.  So fear of losing money actually tends to cause the loss of money, again in relation to how strong that fear is.  It is the fulfillment of that fear in the world.  You get what you ask for. Oops! Have you ever heard the expression "Ask and ye shall receive?" You need to learn how to "ask" properly and that means transcending your fear and your greed before you either trade or invest.

The key is to just transcend your fears and your greed as best you can.  A little fear won't help you, but it won't hurt your results either.  Plenty of people have accomplished great things with a little bit of fear in their minds. Just do the best you can.  If your net thinking and feeling is in the direction of what you verbally say you want, which is to make money, you will!  You can prove that one too.

If you are not consciously aware of your attachment to money (greed) or your aversion to losing it (fear), both greed and fear will operate in your life to relieve you of your money if you let them.  In a sense, you are getting what you asked for. It turns out that both fear and greed are ways to "ask" for what you DON'T WANT!

Many people are walking around unaware of their underlying beliefs and feelings, such as fear and greed, but it does not matter.  As just mentioned, all of those subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are still active.  Truth is powerfully active whether you believe in it or not!

If you believe the market is manipulated by the market makers, watch out!  You are setting yourself for being the victim of them.  If you see yourself as a victim, you end up "getting what you asked for."  No market maker can effect your trading and investing when your consciousness is clear.

The key is to remain conscious about your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, especially fear and greed.  Become aware of your underlying beliefs.  Write down what you expect from your investing and trading.  If it's not much, prepare yourself to receive little.  Ask and you shall receive.  No, it does not guarantee you will be a great trader, but if you trade or invest with fear and greed, don't expect great results.  And you'll never really know how great you could have been!

Take 100% responsibility for all your investing and trading results.  Then you will be free to allow money to flow into your life through your investing and/or trading.  Again, if you blame someone else for what your consciousness creates, you are in trouble, because you are saying your own consciousness does not determine your outcomes in your life.  That is what is referred to as giving up your power.  Losers give up their power.  Once you give up your power and hand it over to a market maker, the Fed Chairman, the President of the United States, you name it, you have lost it.  And when you lose your power, you lose your money.

The simplest way I teach to transcend both fear and greed is to simply feel what you are feeling prior to making a trade or investment. Pause. Feel the feeling and you will notice that by simply bringing your attention to it, it will dissipate on its own. Then see if you still feel clear about making your trade or investment. If you find this helpful, you'll want to learn more no doubt, so get in touch with me (see below).

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As I said, the secret is to learn to transcend your feelings of fear and greed. Doing it in a reproducible way is a skill that can be learned.  Send me a message via the Contact Me box (see bar on left) and let me know you are interested.  It's a method you can use for the rest of your life.

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