Key Market
Opportunity Ranges™

Key Opportunity Ranges™ for Monday, 4-29-2024

First, let me fill you in on how to think about the calculated Opportunity Ranges™.  The ranges calculated are sometimes penetrated, even for days in a row, especially when investors panic to buy/sell, so the ranges must be taken in context. 

When markets aren't impacted by such volatility inducing events, they tend to visit the side of the range in the direction they are going.  On a pullback, they'll tend to visit the low end of the predicted range, and during a rally, they'll tend to tag the high end of the predicted range.

Here are a few key ranges for April 29, 2024 below... 

Remember, they change daily, and I will often report the extremes I see in the markets on social media (@SunAndStormInv on "" (formerly and SunAndStorm on on most market days.

The Predicted Lows and Predicted Highs are to the left in the table below, and the "Current Price" in this case is the closing price on Friday, April 26, 2024. 

The Position in the range for the closing price is shown next.  The Day% is the price change for the day.  The Down and Up percentages are the percentages for a move to the very bottom/top of the predicted range of course from the "Current Price," which is the close in this case.  The last number to the right is the ratio of Up%/Down%.

Key Opportunity Ranges™ for Monday, 4-29-2024
Opportunity Ranges™
Pred. Low Pred. High Cur. Price Position Day % Down Up Up/Down
SPX 5,012 5,167 5102.00 58.06% 1.02% 1.76% 1.27% 0.72
QQQ 420.28 438.53 431 58.74% 1.54% 2.49% 1.75% 0.70
IWO 246.12 257.47 253.09 61.41% 1.29% 2.75% 1.73% 0.63
RUT 1,955 2,035 2,002 58.75% 1.05% 2.35% 1.65% 0.70
TNX 4.561 4.785 4.669 48.21% -0.79% 2.31% 2.48% 1.07
GLD 212.84 220.76 216.62 47.73% 0.32% 1.74% 1.91% 1.10
SPX = S&P 500 Index  RUT = Russell 2000 Index  TNX = U.S. 10 Year Treasury Yield
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