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The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™-July 3, 2014

Additional Archived Issues (and see special articles at the bottom of the page)

The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ January 3, 2014 Issue

This issue set us up for big gains in Biotech!
The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ January 11, 2013 Issue

This issue was huge too! "The Year of the Living Dead"
The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ January 4, 2012 Issue

We sold small caps before they crashed in 2011:
The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ August 1, 2011 Issue

The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ - January 21,2010

The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ - January 22,2010

Markets Signal the February 2010 Bounce

Initially on February 5, 2010, there was a suggestion of a bounce in many markets as discussed in our report that day.

The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ - February 5, 2010

And then by February 16, 2010, the trading bounce was called in a number of indices.

The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ - February 16, 2010

Since the February lows: Until very recently, we had been in the Bull markets which were in force in the major U.S. indices as of the end of April. But I reported on this website before April 27th that "there are signs of weakness in some foreign markets that are extremely important to further progress in the U.S. markets."

So how did I do with the decline that began on 4-27-1010?

Just look at my report on that market day below. I warned my subscribers that the current decline was going to be significant. Please again realize that everything can shift on a dime and we urge you to subscribe today, so you can have access to our latest calls on the markets. Click the link below to read the calls that preceded the market downdraft beginning at the end of April 2010.

The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ - April 27, 2010

After the April high did you buy the next low? Did market timing work?

Yes it did. We bought just off the low using market timing signals. The market bottomed in early July and we bought after the first day of the bounce when the market timing signals rang loud and clear. Buying prior to market timing signals based on CLOSING prices is not always safe.

Here is the issue in which we went back into the S&P 500 (SPY etc.) based on market timing signals:

I issued a BUY signal on July 7th, 2010.

How did you do at the August high?

Here is the blow by blow in the days preceding the August high from my newsletter comments:

8-10 Waffled back down. Seventh trading day within spitting distance of June high. Sell close below 1107 or 1088 depending on how tight a stop you want. Buy close over June high. (Remember we use intraday highs unless otherwise specified.) 8-9 The last pullback was a waffle, but we are not yet through the June high. 8-6 Held up on retest of up trend line so far. Problem is that it has yet to make it over the June high. 8-5 Hung up at R. Ready for pivot UP or DOWN. 8-4 Was a waffle. Back above signal point, but below June high. 8-3 Could be signal waffle. Must close over June high still. Although it would be a reasonable place on the chart to fail, could still make it back to May or April high. 8-2 Close was above June closing high but NOT intraday high. Buy close over Intraday high of 1131.23.

Here is the issue for August 10th, 2010:

My Warning at the August 2010 high

How did you do at the August low?

Here is what I said: 8-24 Near the May-June support levels. You can either sell before we breach the those lows and rebuy close back up through the mid-July low or wait to see if May low of 1040.78 holds.

I recommended buying the market on August 27th as it made the first move off the August low.

Here is the issue: On August 27th, 2010 we bought the move off the low

From that point, the SP500 rose all the way back to the April 2010 high. Prior to that, I suggested selling at the August high and then rebuying the close above there. When you sell a high and get back in, you reduce your risk dramatically despite giving up a bit for that safety.

I then issued a sell signal on November 12th, 2010.

How did that work out?

We sold and then saw the bounce on 12-01-2010 and immediately exited the US Dollar trade that had worked out well and re-entered the SP500.  (Please realize that you do not have to participate in EVERY trade we do to benefit from the understanding that comes from following 35 different markets on a daily basis.) As expected, the day that the US dollar finally pulled back, the SP500 Index bounced.  You can download that issue here:

We bought the Bullish Bounce: The Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™ - December 1, 2010

Did you Dodge the 2011 Decline?

Since then we've managed to avoid the bulk of the current decline, exiting the SP500 Index on July 8th, 2011 when we sold large cap, mid cap and small cap US stocks, and emerging market stocks. We had not bought back European stocks and exited them on June 1, 2011. We sold Pacific stocks on 7-12-2011 and briefly re-entered them on 7-22-2011, exiting again for a 1.67% loss on 7-27-2011 on further weakness.

Since the Euro Mess began, much has happened. To catch up on my latest proprietary market timing signals, subscribe via the box above and you will get access to the weekly version of my Wall Street Sun and Storm Report™.

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